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Since 2014, I have had the wonderful pleasure of working with countless woman to help them take control of their lives, happiness, personal style, and confidence. Today, more than ever before, we live in an empowering environment filled with thriving women that are truly reinventing the world around them.
This shift in their character not only elevates their own sense of self-worth, but it helps to change the attitudes of those around them.  As a young designer, fashionista, and lover of all that is stylish and trendy, I have worked over the years to use fashion-style to change lifestyle. As women developing into wives and eventually mothers, we are constantly living at the intersection of what we have to be with what we truly want to be. Together, we no longer have to compromise. We can be am adoring and loving parent and a tremendous and connected leader. We can communicate with our children and with our business colleagues. We don’t have to trade high chairs for high heels.

Our journey begins with this blog, which celebrates and elevates the true power of women all over the world.  We can use our style to express our attitude, because confidence is often based in simply owning who we are and how we exist in our world. So join in, and enjoy the thoughtful and imaginative shift in how you think, how you dress, and how you live.



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